Impromptu Tour Opera – Workshop

Artistic concept between San Damon and Amalia Avilan.

The two artists decided to take a refined look between poetry and opera. And this through music of the classical repertoire and original music with a wink of these music that have crossed the 7th art.En sum, a kind of trilogy. The idea of ​​purifying, undressing the voices so that they are pure, does not mean that they will be completely interpreted “a capella”. Indeed, various famous musicians will come to join them; such as a cellist, a pianist, a flutist, etc …. and this on specific pieces.

These videos are only intended for knowledgeable professionals. This is primarily a rough, unmixed workshop preview. (code acces by request)

Les Ballons du Temps

More about San Damon: Grand Duché D’Oniroscopie


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Award of the Foundation “Goñi y Rey”

Competition New Voices of Sevilla. Award by Fundación Goñi y Rey​. 15th March 2017.


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Interview: Mozart – Requiem in D minor

Only available in Spanish.

Interview by the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra

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G. Puccini. La Bohème.

Mise en scène: Paul- Émile Fourny.

” Mimì fait son apparition en chemise de nuit, portant dans ses bras un robe rouge. Amalia Avilán apporte à la délicat cousette une voix fruitée qui fait merveille dans Mi chiamano Mimì. Leur duo est poignant et pour Ho tanto freddo!, elle donne à ces simples mots un accent d’innocence désespérée”  Bruno Villien. Opéra Magazine.

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