Upper Side West – Short Film by San Damon

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Upper Side West is a UFO in the world of music, performed by soprano Amalia Avilan, written and composed by contemporary art artist San Damon.

Amalia Avilan’s voice for opera lovers will not be a discovery, for others you will know what singing and interpreting means. She masters her subject perfectly, her voice multiplies colors and variants.

Music is a kind of lullaby that bewitches you and takes you where you wouldn’t want to go.  

It is modern and full of surprises. Upper Side West, voluntarily written in this way, is the second movement of the San Damon Oniroscopic Symphony.

The poetic-literary text is an ode to melancholy, death and suicide, as is often the case in operas, but here we cross an abandoned New York, emptied of its inhabitants.

The text is beyond that, it takes us with characters who lived there, a long time ago, and who died there under strange conditions.  

The clip is not a clip, but a film, an art film full of traps. It is impossible to understand at first reading, everything is allusions, allegories, suggestions and metaphors. Scenes are not scenes, what you think you are is not, etc…etc.

There are already about 20 rumours on the net about Upper Side West.

More about San Damon: Grand Duché D’Oniroscopie


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Award of the Foundation “Goñi y Rey”

Competition New Voices of Sevilla. Award by Fundación Goñi y Rey​. 15th March 2017.


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Interview: Mozart – Requiem in D minor

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Interview by the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra

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G. Puccini. La Bohème.

Mise en scène: Paul- Émile Fourny.

” Mimì fait son apparition en chemise de nuit, portant dans ses bras un robe rouge. Amalia Avilán apporte à la délicat cousette une voix fruitée qui fait merveille dans Mi chiamano Mimì. Leur duo est poignant et pour Ho tanto freddo!, elle donne à ces simples mots un accent d’innocence désespérée”  Bruno Villien. Opéra Magazine.

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